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Pet Sitting

Each visit includes (20-30) min. visit.

Love and Attention to Each Pet! 1-3 Pets (1 visit  per day) $18.00
Fresh Food and Water 1-3 Pets (2 visits per day) $36.00
Dog Walking/Playtime 1-3 Pets (3 visits per day) $54.00
Pet Waste Removal
Administer Medications Each Additional Pet/Per Visit $2.00
Bringing in Mail, Newspapers, and Packages
Rotating Lights and Blinds
Plant Watering
Taking out and Bringing in Trash Bins *Late Booking Fee (Without 24 hr Notice)

Holiday Surcharge Apply

In general, keeping your household running smoothly while you're away!

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Turn to Savannah Pet Nanny pet sitting services to provide companionship for your precious pets when vacation, business, school, or working over-time takes you away from home.  Not only will we give your precious pets personal attention, but the VIP treatment!

Our sitters exercise and play with them.  Pet sitters also administer medications to pets with special needs at no charge.  Our visits range from 20 to 30 minutes long.  In-home pet care is an affordable alternative to boarding and kennels.  At home pet sitting ensures that your pet's routine continues uninterrupted and stress-free! At home pet sitting is healthier and safer than boarding or kennels. 

We'll discuss how many visits are best for you and how we can personalize your VIP pet care. To ensure the well-being of your pets, we always take age, weather, and time of day into consideration when exercising or walking. Savannah Pet Nanny always plans for bad weather, medical emergencies, and natural disasters as well. 

Savannah Pet Nanny is trained in pet behavior, nutrition, grooming, and health. We offer free assistance with issues and problems with our client's pets. Our pet sitters  are dedicated to supporting our pet parents and their pets to ensure a happy home for all and keeping money in your pocket.

Feeding Dog

Other Services:

Extended Stay:  Perfect for pets that are watching their weight or have high energy levels and need a bit more exercise.  Great for the puppy in the home that is a ball of energy.

Savannah Pet Nanny includes house sitting, administering medications, and pooper-scooper services at no extra cost when pet sitting for your loved ones.  Travel-worry free while leaving your pets in the comfort of their own home.   To ensure that your pet's routine continues uninterrupted, stress-free, healthy, and safe we come to them.  You can trust Savannah Pet Nanny to keep your pets, plants, and home company so everyone rests easy.

For details of services & rates, please see our services & rates page, or contact our pet sitters.